New label Prism is taking eyewear to new heights. Designed by Anna Laub, a journalist for WGSN who wanted her own brand of glasses, each pair is handmade from acetate without the use of moulds. In stores this month, buyers can either scout the website for stores near them or reserve a pair to be shipped directly to them online. Every pair is a limited edition gem, packaged in a futuristic case.


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Sometimes I think the superfluous theatrics is the best part of fashion. The sheer vibrancy of the atmosphere created by the garments and accessories are enhanced by this propensity for the absurd and inordinate.

Picture from Minimarket

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Why we love Swedish label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

1. Monochromatic goodness

2. Meticulous tailoring

3. Statement cuts

Pieces from the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s Autumn 09 Collection:

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